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                               FASHION FREEDOM!!!


Learning to sew is freedom.

Freedom to not buy the SUPERBAD dress because you can make your own.

Freedom from stress because of the relaxation sewing provides (yes, it IS relaxing!)

Freedom to SPLURGE on accessories and great smelling scents...not to mention those LIFE-GIVING KICKS!

There is a plethora (word of the moment meaning a whole lot) of tutorials and DIY available online.

I often find myself googling just to see the different ways people answer the same question (like how to make a basic circle skirt) or (transform a t shirt into something super-amazing).

Because my desire to see others succeed just will not go away no matter how selfish I try to be, I assume it is associated with my life's purpose. (And by selfish I don't mean I don't care, just sometimes I'd rather zone out and watch Project Runway reruns... it is a welcome comfort knowing I'm not the only one willing to...experiment.)

In this zone you will be provided diys and tutorials as understood by me. I'll have you know I have been involved in the sewing world since childhood. I began with needle, thread and paper.

You will find:

*Absolutely FUN projects to recreate

*Enlightenment in the mysteries of sewing

*Innovative construction techniques

You will NOT find:

*Painfully BORING and CONFUSING patterns to follow

*Whatever your original sewing instructor taught you (empty cups, PLEASE!)

*Anything I don't understand either (Laughing from my belly)

You should be informed, I am:



*serious about wanting you to BE YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST!

That being said...

Welcome to the inner world of Tiffany Shavon Designs, Enjoy!

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