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Ready, Aim, Fire!

Ok, after three years I am back.

I created this site to launch my desire to add value to the creative community. My primary addition is intended for the sewing world. Because I am a designer/creator, this site will have content for many categories.

A lot has happened since 2017. The most interesting so far is me firing myself.

Yep, I fired myself from my job of almost 6 years. Now, this post is not to inspire you to leave your job. I did for personal reasons. This is my last chance. I've read about our ability to create the life we truly want to experience. I have a burning desire to see how high I can go with following my want to add value to the overall creative world with a focus on sewing.

If you have visited this site before, you notice the change in the layout. Upon leaving these pages it is my intent for you to feel enlightened. I hope you are inspired to go and create!

Why are you still here? Check out the other pages and go create!!!

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